Gourmet Lunch Boxes by Sweet Paris

Sweet Paris is renowned for the quality of its food and service. By choosing our Gourmet Lunch boxes service, your school will show to the community you support both children and parents in their busy lives.

We are incredibly excited to present our new menu for this school year. 
Keeping our focus on providing healthy and delicious lunch boxes, we added some extra goodness to the list.

We are driven by discoveries in new foods, new people and new experiences. We want to share this passion and pass it on to kids. 
As they discover and enjoy our lunches, they grow and keep good habits with health benefits on a long term. Balanced, healthy, fresh, nutritious and delicious meals are proved to help in youth’s learning and to help them grow. We strongly believe that food is our first medicine. We want everyone to be able to eat a delicious and nutritious lunch every day so they are able to focus and learn better and have the energy to play with their friends in the playground.

We are also aware of the parents’ daily challenge of providing healthy, mouthwatering and cost effective lunches for the students day after day. We want to support parents in their busy life.


How do we fulfil our mission?

- By making food from scratch, so we know exactly what we offer and by choosing only fresh, flavourful, organic and local whenever possible and the highest quality ingredients from the best suppliers.

- By being flexible. Last minute order? Any change in your order? Any special request? We get you covered. We offer casual or subscription orders, online ordering, completely tailored to student’s preferences. When parents and students are happy, we are happy.

- By offering real value for money, without ever compromising on quality.

- By choosing to be environment friendly. We provide food in recyclable or compostable packaging.

Thank you!